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Departing Letters

[to Sakuya]

Dearest Sakuya,

This letter is written with a heavy hand and I'm sure comes to you as a surprise. After all, I had made all possible attempts to keep certain things from your knowledge. The time has come for me to give you answers to the unvoiced questions you've had and enlighten you as to what I have hidden.

You know that I am a demon, that I am Greed. I am also Furniture. I am contracted as a servant to a couple witches, none of whom I will reveal to you. The important thing to understand is that Furniture is not human. Furniture cannot understand and experience the greatest of human emotions. What is that emotion? It is easy, Sakuya.


Even being on this island, being reduced to a human capacity, I was still Furniture. I coveted and took and indulged and enjoyed being on this island. Just another piece on the Gameboard, and I understood the Territory Lord here and how things worked. I was, after all, Furniture and Furniture's greatest joy is to be used. I was very valuable Furniture and favored by this kakera's Territory Lord. I killed for my master, I protected my master, I indulged her in her games and in my own blood lust. But then I met a maid that had come under my master's employ as furniture, and I had to possess her.

She was mine. I made her mine in every way I possibly could. Her body, her blood, her sex, her pride, her humiliation, her servitude – it was all mine. Remember, Sakuya, that I am a demon. The things that I did to that maid would not have been acceptable to most of humanity if they knew. I even went so far during one curse to carve my name into her flesh so she would always know who she belonged to. I took so much from this maid, but I did not expect her to do something that should be impossible, for I was Furniture. She took my heart.

Not in the literal sense, despite all the blood and carnage demons enjoyed and the maid did in another life of hers, but, yes, I had fallen in love with the maid and she with me. I finally was able to look at the sky and see the color of the sunset in its fullest. I was no longer Furniture then and, one Christmas, my master declared me human. I was still a demon, but I had a human heart.

I still served my master, but I was no longer Furniture, and so it was by my choice and not contract. Even so, the goddess eventually took my master away, and then she returned me to my kakera and left the maid behind on this island with an estate willed to her and a cunning doctor in perfect position to usurp.

I cannot say what happened to the maid after that, but when I was once more summoned to this island, the maid was not here and the doctor had taken what belonged to my master and therefore what belonged to me. Chess is a wonderful game when there are willing players, but instead of playing to defeat the doctor, I played to have the doctor defeat herself.

And then the maid returned to Atia and possessed no memories of the love her and I shared. Never underestimate the goddess' cruelty for she had the same bane that all witches do – boredom. It seemed she wanted the entertainment of me struggling against the humanity the maid had instilled in my heart. I made the choice to stay away from the maid instead of reclaiming her. I did not want her to be used as a pawn in the game between the doctor and I, but I also know that if I made her mine again, I would do terrible things to her.

You may be wondering why I, Greed Incarnate, was denying myself what I want. Make no mistake, I wanted you. I wanted you more than there are words to describe. But I am Mammon, the Demon Lord of the Fifth Terrance of Purgatory. Not only is it in my nature to instill Greed and promote Greed, but it is also in my nature to punish the greedy for their Sin. I had fallen to my Sin so deeply before, that I had to punish myself for it when you returned. So, I denied myself that which I wanted the most.

I love you, Sakuya, and I will never have you again. Atia-sama will be returning me to my kakera once I am done with this letter. I know you will be asking why. Why am I telling you this now when I could have left you as clueless as I'd been keeping you before? The answer is simple: I am Greed. I am a cruel demon that wants you to forever be thinking about me, craving what you cannot have, and thirsting for the answers I chose not to provide.

Cherish this. Curse this. Hate this. Never forget this.




[to Ishida]


There is much I could say, but with us, it was always the things we didn't say that mattered. So, I won't say them. You know and I know, and it will be left as that.

I am a cruel woman, Ishida. I could not help myself and told Sakuya the things I had been refusing to tell her, to reveal to her. As I leave this island, a part of me is satisfied that she will forever be thinking of what could have been, of what had been, and what she wished she had done. The other part of me is saddened that I did not reclaim her when she returned and that I cannot take her with me.

The goddess is a cruel master.

I give you leave to answer her questions and tell her the things I may not have should she ask. The only thing she is not to ever know about is the outcome of that fatal confrontation between her vampire mistress and myself.

As for the state of the Manor and my feud against Eirin, I have sown enough seeds to lead to her bringing about her own destruction. Though you need to know that Golden Butterfly Dream is her creation. Use that knowledge to your advantage, but do not be foolish enough to confront her should you take issue with that drug's presence on the island poisoning innocent people.

If the goddess allows me a moment upon returning to my kakera of this place, I will pass on your love to my sister. Even if I do not remember, I will miss you.




[to Kotetsu]


The goddess is sending me back to my kakera. I will keep this short and to the point. The five ingots of gold are yours to use for the sole purpose of maintaining my sponsorship. Spend it wisely and do not let anyone know you possess it.

Also, the one responsible for the Golden Butterfly Dream is Dr. Eirin Yagokoro. She is the creator and head of the organization that distributes it. Use whatever means necessary to bringing her down, but do not cause harm to Lion Ushiromiya in the process. He is innocent of association with the drug despite being the figurehead of the Ushiromiya Estate that the doctor is using to launder her drug operations through.

Do not underestimate her, but be the thorn in her paw until you do what needs to be done.



[to Eirin]